Friday, October 17, 2008

the lady on the other end

UPDATED: Just for the record, I still do NOT like my hair. I was as hopeful as some of you were. And I assumed I was blowing things out of proportion when I proclaimed my haircut to be an inexperienced version of the Posh Spice cut caught in an electrical outlet. I hoped by letting a few days pass I'd allow myself to settle into my new 'do. Now, I've accepted that the only thing I can do is double my morning vitamin dose for the next month.


I twittered about my hair today.

And first, let me set this straight, I have never been one to get all worked up about my hair. In fact, during my freshman year in college a friend on my wing wanted to color my product free hair in our wing's bathroom. When it turned out a sparkling shade of platinum, there were no tears shed by me. "It's no biggy," I assured her. "Better luck next time, right?!" And during the rest of my college years, my friends and I preferred going to the Aveda Institute students for haircuts. I kind of liked the idea of not knowing what the scissors had in store for me. Besides, hey had instructors right next to them. I knew it would always end up appropriate.

And because I have an extremely hard time paying normal salon prices for cuts and colors--especially when the majority of the last 6 years I've had short hair that required a cut once a month--I have stuck with the drive thru salons, and have had pretty good luck with the stylists I've found.

Until today.

But, like I said, this all happened because I'm so laxed about my hair. Let me show you what I mean.

Me: "Hi, I'm calling because I'd like to try to get in for a trim today and I'd like to see if my stylist is in.

Lady on the other end: "Ok, let me see, who is your stylist?

Me: "Well, I'm embarrassed to say it, but I don't remember her name. Can you look me up and see who's cut my hair the last few times?"

Lady on the other end: "Um, I. Don't. Know. Let me see. I guess..I'm not sure how to do that here."

Me: "Welllll, can't you just type my name in and see what comes up?"

Lady on the other end: "Hmm. Well, what did she look like?"

Me: "Oh, ok! She had dark hair. Really long dark hair."

Lady on the other end: "What else does she look like? Was she super skinny?"
Me: "Well. (hmm) No. (pause) She was a little heavier set, and she is quite the comedi..."

Lady on the other end: "Oh, wait! I found it here. It looks like that was me! Yep, I cut your hair the last time you were here."

Me: (Thinking back. If she was super skinny, that's an easy question to answer. Right? If she's not...not so easy.) "Ok. (what did I just say?) Well. (pause) Great! Then you're working today. Can I come in right now?

Lady on the other end: "Sure. I'll put your name down."

----Hold it right there. Embarrassing? Yes! End of story? No!----

So, I get to the salon and the Lady on the other end and I realized that we had never seen eachother before. She then apologized for the mistake and I assured her that was ok and I'd have her cut my hair anyways. She convinced me she knew exactly how to do an entire haircut with a razor, and she promised me it'd be "so cute" for the wedding we're attending tomorrow. The one where Mr. Marvelous and I will see all our high school friends at...that we haven't seen in ages.

Wrong. Wrong. She was most definitely wrong.

End of story? Yes.


Karyn said...

I have patronized the "drive thrus" for years...because I am pretty lax about my hair too. And most of the time it turns out all alright...But really hate it when you get that ONE that does a crummy job. You hair is always so great...I have always envied your short, sexy, kicky hair. I hope things are looking up for ya tomorrow!! I've also been meaning to'd the bathroom re-paint turn out?

Alicia O. & the gang said...

Ok so I know you have a camera and a probably willing husband to take a photo. I am dying to see! I am sure,...SURE it looks great, but we are always more judgemental of our own. Even if we are..self proclaimed..."lax" hair people! I too have cut my own or my moms hair for a friend does it. No biggie right?! =)

4 Little Men and Twins said...

oh no! That's why I have NEVER been to a salon. :) N one gets the vision just right!

i'm sure it looks great still. :)


Lori said...

okay, so i just posted a bad hair post! go see! you're hair can't be that bad! you'll see!

at least you won't be seeing your HS friends still sportin a HS haircut!

let's see a pic! I am sure it is not so bad!

l e a h said...

Don't worry, hon, nobody's gonna be able to see past your hott new nose bling. I'm sure you'll be able to rescue the hair!

Kristen said...

Yes, yes, you need to post a picture.

Although this naturally curly haired girl has had a bad razor cut, and it was in fact BBBBBAAAAAAADDDDDD.

I say wear a big rinestone tomorrow in your nose. No one will see your hair! :)

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

Oh no. I was just saying that I love your hair. Are you going to share a photo?? It's probably not as bad as you think. :)

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

Oh no. I was just saying that I love your hair. Are you going to share a photo?? It's probably not as bad as you think. :)

Anonymous said...

razor cut gone terribly wrong...oh yes been there done that and I feel for you. I've always thought that about my hair too. No big deal whatever you want it's yours to have fun with. I have finally started going to one person at an actual salon but she's great and still is fun with my hair. I've had it blue along with all the normal colors, I've shaved it off. But really every now and then when it's important and you end up with a bad one that hurts. I hope it grows in quickly and you were still able to find something nice to do with it for the wedding today.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I have ever seen you with a bad hair day but I am the one who thinks that you would look great in a gunny sack with your hair slicked back and in a pony tail. But moms always feel that way about their kids. You were being to hard on yourself because I thought your do looked quite adorable.

Lisa H said...

I'm going with the majority here--let's see a picture! I so want to see this hair cut. And I'm curious to know if you like it a little better a few days into it? Sometimes I just hate a new hair cut right after I get it and then in a few days it isn't so bad...

Tara said...

Hey, what time is playdate tomorrow, we'd talked about 9, but will it be 10? I don't have A's number. TK

Kristin said...

Oh no! I always think your hair looks so darn cute in pictures. I am one of those people who cares waaaay too much about my hair and spends waaaay too much on it, too. But my hair is long, very fine, and very blah, and I am starting to see the grays popping up here and there. So I require an expert! ;)

P.S. C' have to show us a pic...besides, we will all tell you how adorable you look and then you will feel better. Deal?

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

Pictures, pictures, I need pictures...