Sunday, October 26, 2008

Not Me! and a Sibling Name Challenge

UPDATED: Because I can't miss out on Not Me! Monday, and because I feel as though my event that DIDN'T happen in the parking lot of Target today is my most definite Not Me! incident, I'm joining in Mck Mama's fun again this week. Here it goes.

I DID NOT, repeat, DID NOT, run into a cart corral machine in the parking lot of Target this morning. And then, I DID NOT fight the urge to kick, scream, and cry right there on the concrete in front of my 4-year-old. Not me! I learned my lesson about careless driving when I ripped my driver side mirror off while backing out of our tight garage a couple of weeks ago. And even if there was a recently stalled cart machine positioned right in my blind spot--waiting for its driver that had run into the store to get help--as I rounded a corner to go down a lane to park, I would have seen it regardless of the size of my large SUV in comparison to its short out-of-view self. And honestly, who would want to spend an extra hour writing up reports with the Target crew and my dear sweet eye witness--who ran at me waving her arms proclaiming she saw it all and she'd testify for me--, while snapping pictures of my popped tire, my entire dented/scratched/damaged passenger side anyways? For surely not me. Sigh.

I figure that Holly--the winner of this contest--has already received her loot, so it must be time for another challenge.

And, Hazel is here to get our new party started. Come on and dance with her. Let's get jiggy wit' it. Shake a leg now. And listen up.

If you followed me on twitter over the last couple of days, you know that my dear sweet friend, Sarah, had her 3rd baby last weekend. This is the first baby born--from my nearby friends--since our twins were born. And even though I was out of town until today--when I got to see the little pumpkin for the first time--it was still an exciting last few days because of the arrival of our new little bundle. The emotion of a newborn started all over for me after hearing about precious little Claire.

What a CaUte name! I love it!

And that got me thinking. I loved picking names for our children. The choosing, saying, writing, and searching for the meaning parts were so much fun. Then, I started imagining what names I would like enough if we had another baby to name.


Hazel: What's that you say? I thought I was the last baby you were naming?

No! We're not pregnant. Nor are we trying. Which really doesn't matter, since we didn't "try" with any of our four. But that doesn't mean that I can't have myself a simple little Sibling Name Challenge here on my blog. Right?

So, here's the situation. (That is, if you'd like to have at a chance for a fun little snail mail package.)

Our children need a sibling...or two. Julia, Luke, Norah and Hazel need ONE more brother and ONE more sister. What you do is, in your comment, leave your idea of the perfect name for both a boy and a girl. What two names would look and sound simply smashing for our family? When I close the contest--sometime in the next couple of days--I'll choose my favorite boy and girl name from the bunch and award the winner (or winners) accordingly.

If you pay close attention to our girl names, we love "classic" names. And our boy names, short and sweet. That's all I'll say.

Happy hunting for more siblings!


Lori said...


l e a h said...

That's it, Tiff, just go ahead and appeal to my inner onomastomaniac self.

My husband's friend just laughed at me a few minutes ago because I affectionately refer to our robotic vacuum as "Bijou." DH's friend has llamas, and 4 new babies--so he needs help naming them and HE ASKED ME to help. Eeek!!

Okay, so for your chillun':

Evelyn Persephone
Hugo Asher

Thanks, and you can stop this contest now, because I know I won. ;)

You're the BEST, Tiff, and thanks for the lovely comment today.

l e a h

p.s. Can I guess a million more times as "anonymous"...??...I LOVE these games!

Heather said...

My choices are-




Alex said...

I like Halley (Hal-E) for a girl and Reece for a boy :)

I got really excited for a second because I was "OH BOY!!! THEY'RE PREGNANT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!" :) darn. But you're children are ADORABLE!!!! I love them! :)

Alex said...

wow, meant YOUR** children...good thing it's the weekend still.

Annika said...

I love your children names...
I think Stella or Kadence for a girl and Levi or Drew for a boy.

Kelli said...

I think Elizabeth for a girl and Drew for a boy.

Brittany said...

Oh, how I love thinking up names. Heard this one this week and I think that it can go for either a boy or a girl.

Justice - I adore it.

Short and sweet for a boy - Smith.

Classic girl name - Olivia.

Jessica said...

I love thinking up names! I have a whole list going for when we start a family. These two are from my list, but they are just too perfect not to share.



Kelly said...

I love Elizabeth and Isaac.

Although, if I can ever convince my husband to have another, the girl will be Lilith Persephone ( I see someone else likes that name too)
or Atticus Sebastian for a boy.

Anonymous said...

Erin from Ga. with 4 boys... Emmeline or Annabelle for girl and Liam or Noah for boy.

Lisa H said...

I'm liking Eleanor for a girl. Such a pretty name.

Let's see...for a boy? Maybe Jack? Short and sweet. That was actually our choice if Bridget had been a boy. I'm also partial to Sam. But of course, I am married to one! :)

Lisa H said...

Forgot to mention--such a cute picture of Hazel dancing! And I LOVE that dress....just adorable! :)

rachael said...

i will go ahead and say...
james and lydia

heehee :)

Melody said...




Anonymous said...

I vote Jack for a boy and I was going to vote for Stella for a girl...but someone else has that wonderful idea I am going with Lily!

Fun Game!
Tracy in South Dakota

Kaci said...

Lilly or Charlie?

Anonymous said...

Naomi and Liam are my picks. :)

Busy Mama said...

Hey Tiffany,

It's Heidi and "Moose" (NWC). Found your blog from Stacey's blog. Such CUTE kids you have. I LOVE thinking up names, although we have a much easier time with girl names than boy names. Anyway, here's my shot at it!

Lucy Alexandra

Jude Scott

Julie said...


Julie said...

I changed my mind -
Faith and Titus

Anonymous said...



Weeksie50 said...

I am sorry about your little mishap in the target parking lot. Yikes.


I love the name Avery for a boy or a girl. I also like Molly. Tucker. and Jack.

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

My pick is
Jake Robert and Elena Marie.

My son's name is Ian which is short and sweet but not too many people like it like I do.

Can't wait to hear your favorites.

Jessie's Girls said...

I only WISH I'd gotten my prize already! I am sojourning at my sis's house whilst my husband suffers 4 days in sunny Florida. The package did NOT arrive on Saturday, much to my chagrin, so I will have to trust that my shorts-wearing, busybody of a mailman will keep it safe from the elements till my return.

And, since I've never had any scruples about double-dipping:


Andi said...

Lila and Max

Andi said...

Lila and Max

Tara said...

I'd say Dianna and Sam. :) Funny that I say that. I have a friend Dianna who has a son Sam. I didn't even think of that until I saw both of their names typed out!

Kara said...

Ellen and Samuel...apparently Sam is a popular choice!

today is the present said...

Aubrey and Paul

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! You have a beautiful family! I am so jealous as I always wanted twins but I did have six under the age of 9 and then added another seven years later :)

Thanks again!

Susan said...

Sorry about the cart machine-but thankful for your faithful camera weilding witness! I'd get stuck with the "She did it!!" or the "I didnt see a thing!!!" lady! My names? Muriel and Sam

Kristin said...

Oh, do I love names! Here is my uneducated guess...

Ava Grace and Max Liam.

What a fun, hypothetical contest. :)

Lisa H said...

Just came back to see the fun names--so sorry about what DIDN'T happen at Target. That's awful! I'm sure it won't make you feel any better, but I've ripped the mirror off of my car backing out of the garage too. My husband wasn't impressed. ;)

Following Him said...

I am so sorry that you had a day. Hang in there and I hope that the day/night goes better!!!
Emma and Jake-original, but sweet!

Jennifer said...

I'm not good at classic or short you probably noticed from my kids names, but I think that Ryan and Olivia would fit with your crew. So far, none have the same first initial, so there's no need in the next two having the same either!

Tana Christensen said...

Harvey & Violet

Tana said...

Oh and I love love love Evelyn...but thats going to be my little girl...ha ha ha ha

Tana said...

Oh Oh Oh I also love love love IVAN...but that is our dogs name, but it would be a suppppppper adorable little boys name!!!!! I love this game WAY too much. I am always thinking of cute old names. Ok I think I am done playing now.....I hope. I probably broke the rules...woops

Beth E. said...

Thanks for commenting on my post! I'm enjoying your blog, reading past postings and're a hoot! Please stop by and visit me again, anytime.

Oh, and to participate in your Sibling Name Challenge, whadaya think of these...



Beth E. said...

Oh, shoot...somebody already said the name Amelia! How about...

Hannah or Grace? You could actually use both as the first and middle names.

elizabethnabavi said...

I like Ava for a girl...and Drew for a boy... by the way thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comments!
I recently backed my car out of the garage into my husbands car...I feel your pain sister!

Anonymous said...

Charlotte and Sam

Cousin, Stacey from IA

Lori said...

What a bummer day, Tiff. Hope today is better for you! We should get together sometime!
My name choices for your family: Elouise and Grant
-Lori (from MOMs)

Anonymous said...

Josephine and Cade


joyful1 said...

Okay, I debated way too long and other people already said my girl name. I love it though...Lily, but instead, I will choose

Ellie (of course the middle name would be Joy)

And I wanted so bad to name Levi this name but I couldn't talk Mark into it...


It means "God is Gracious"


Ehlan said...


Melanie, Who am I ? said...

Tiff, I think you might want to get some practice, in a wide open place, on backing up. LOL! I'm so sorry for the accident at Target that DIDN'T happen.

I choose Ella and Asher

Nicole said...

Ellinor(Ellie for short)
Kaydence(my daughter's name=)
Margaret(Maggie for short)


Anonymous said...

Oh, this is so much fun Tiff!

I love the name Madelyn for a girl-
Charlie for a girl. You are so right girls names are waaaay easier, sure wish I would get prego and have a girl!!

Cousin from IA

Kristie said...

How about Allison(Ali) and Micah
Just a few names that popped in my head, although I love Allison=)

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

I'm the 51st comment?!?! I really do need to get out into blogland more often!

By choices: London (boy) and Londyn (girl).

I have to admit...I was scrolling down QUICKLY trying to see if this was truly a hypothetical quetion or if your busy days were just about to get busier! *wink*

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

I'm the 51st comment?!?! I really do need to get out into blogland more often!

By choices: London (boy) and Londyn (girl).

I have to admit...I was scrolling down QUICKLY trying to see if this was truly a hypothetical quetion or if your busy days were just about to get busier! *wink*

Anonymous said...

I would for sure name my son David and my daughter Deborah. How classic is that? Twins of course!

missy said...

For a boy: Grayson

For a girl: Lilly