Wednesday, October 15, 2008

how to pierce your nose. and possibly your cheek.

I woke this morning and totally forgot that I was no longer a virgin to the nostril pierce. Then I rolled over, arrived at clear conciousness, and remembered the big endeavor that took place last night. That's when I ran the entire experience over again in my head.

First, Mr. Marvelous and I walked into the tatoo and body piercing shop and met my piercing artist--shoot, I don't even know his name. But by the looks of it, I'm sure his name is an unnecessary piece of info. If ever there was a need to reach him in the future, I could just ask for the guy who appears to be made of metal and ink. Therefore, I'll refer to him as just that. MetalInk Man.

Here, MetalInk Man has already suggested a spot for my new piece of metal, marked it with some ink, and is explaining the procedure involving the hollow needle. He--and the man next to us who was tatooing some young lad's arm--promised me that unless we adopted all 4 of our children, I've already experienced more intense pain than what I was about to.

I still wasn't convinced. Regardless of our stouty, big headed son's delivery.

Here, ouch. I haven't quite felt the pain yet. But I was sure nervous and halted the procedure twice with an, "Ok, hold on one second...(breathe)..alright." And then a, "Wait! Ahhh. Ok. Go."

Apparently it was amusing.

But, I was beginning to feel the same way I did as an 8 year old at the top of the highdive board for the first time, with a bazillion other children waiting behind me in line.

Here he placed the metal tube that's holding the needle inside my nostril . Milliseconds after was when he did it. Ouch!! It did hurt like the dickens for about 43 milliseconds. Maybe not even that long. Then, really, I couldn't even feel it.

Here is the needle awaiting it's curly nose ring. It still hurts here. Do you see it, just hanging there? If any of our children even think about doing this, I'll...

And despite the relaxed, cool and collected composure that appears on my face here, it wasn't really the situation. I was merely finding my happy place until it was all over.

And then the tiny, little, clear and flat gem made it's home. Ow.

And because I was so excited, surprised, distracted with the whole ordeal, I walked away with one piece of info about taking care of it. Disinfect it 3-5 times a day. So, all you nose piercees, what is it that I should remember? You know, so my nose doesn't fall off in a couple of months.

And that, my friends, is how you get a nostril piercing, AND how you create a great conversation starter with your 4 year old daughter. Leaving her excited to get her "cheek pierced someday."


Anonymous said...

TIFF- You are a rebel!! Now I will have to get your sexy ass on the Harley!

Stacey from IA

Anonymous said...

I am guessing that is the first time Joey pierced a birthing machine x 4. In fact, Joey made the whole experience worth while. Maybe if his devil creature tatoo was a picture of Christ we would be long-lost friends.

I am glad our society thinks one simple nose piercing is cute. Because I wouldn't want my wife walking around with a stretched neck, tiny feet, or iron ore rubbed all of her body (ie Asia, Africa).

Anonymous said...

Darnit. I wrote out this comment and then I lost it.


I love the piercing. I got mine done in Germany when I was 16. I had to take it out a while back due to work and it closed up. I didn't get it done the "right" way either. In Germany it was as common as the cartilage in your ear and was done the same...with a gun. Eeek. But I love the piercing and think that it looks great on you!

...and I'm a bit jealous too. I want my lip ring back so badly. That was my favorite ... and it just so happens the one and only piercing that my husband didn't like and actually asked me to take out. ~sigh~

Kristen said...

Several things!

First, I agree with your cousin!! You MUST ride a Harley now!

Second, love that your hubby knows the name of MetalInk Man, and left you a funny comment.

Third, it looks FAB-U-LOUS!!! Love it!! Much better than I had expected. :)

And finally, I was totally curious as to what the kids would say. Piercing her cheek is funny!

Congrats, and you look fabulous! :)

rachael said...

you go mama!

the pictures make it seem as if it lasted much longer than milliseconds! i love that your daughter now wants to get her cheek pierced someday!

Nicole said...

you totally rock! i would love to do this , alas i'm chicken! it's super cute by the way :0)

gina said...

WOW- super cool! What a blogging partner you have- taking all those pics for you. ;)

Lisa H said...

That is SO cute that you got your nose pierced. I LOVE it! I love it enough to de-lurk during my beach vacation to tell you so!

I just got my nose pierced in February--sort of for the same reason you listed in one of your previous know, the longest time without being pregnant in about five years and needing to feel a little sassy kind of feeling! :)

And I actually knocked my nose ring out yesterday during a heated game of guitar hero--I've got extra studs at home but I'm thinking i'd better get this replaced soon--I don't want to go through the piercing again. ;) You know what I mean, right?

Just wanted you to know I think it looks GREAT and I hope you LOVE it.

Anonymous said...

Oh and I never answered - I've always been told for tattoos and piercings that plain old liquid Dial (orange soap) is the BEST for keeping them clean and funk free. ;)

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

Can't believe you pierced your nose. I really thought you were diving or riding in a balloon. How naive of me. :)
Hope you enjoy it. Both my sisters had piercings and one still has hers in. I was too much of a baby. Give me childbirth anyday.
By the way, your hair is super cute. Love the cut and the color. Everytime I see your hair I want to cut mine. Is that strange??
Hope your nose is feeling better soon.

caeb said...

3-5 times a day? I think I cleaned mine twice a day for about 2 weeks with sea salt. Be careful with towels - I have almost yanked mine out a couple times! Oh, and try not to put makeup directly on it :)

Hope that helps - it looks cute!

PS - Did your eyes water like crazy when you did it? Cause mine did!

Leslie said...

I had my nose pierced in college but you have brought the urge big time to do it again! I'm not kidding. Kuddos to you sister - it looks great! Loving it. What do your oldest ones think?

Anonymous said...

That is a great look for you! After having a few piercings, I would say it is definitely the fastest healing and easiest to take care of. My tips: #1 Always have an extra stud somewhere close so you do not end up putting a paperclip or something in it until you get home or the store (I have had to do this 2 times when I first got it pierced)
#Use Sea Salt (avoid antibacterial soaps it kills some good healing bacteria too (That is what my piercer and tattoo artist have been telling me)) You are one cool Mom!!

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

You are braver than me, little mama!

Even though I had some doozies of child-deliveries, I am still not likin' much pain!

Kelly said...

Ouch! No thanks. I was thinking of doing it until I seen your process. Ouch!

Mama Amber said...

Found your blog & I love it! I'll be following! :0)
I have my nose pierced! I think it adds a little fun to my appearance since I usually just look like a boring mom.. lol. Plus I'm young.. we're aloud to be a lil "funky" right? Hehe.
Anyways, I love it. It looks great. Didn't hurt all that bad huh?
Happy Friday!!

Melissa said...

Your are such a cool mom! Totally jealous as I have always wanted to be one of those girls that are hip and cute enough to pull off the nose ring. You rock it out fellow mom friend!