Sunday, October 12, 2008

contest begins a little early.

Yesterday's wedding was wonderful.

I'm happy to say that our first wedding as a FF* went much smoother than imagined. Fortunately, there was no crawling under the pews--if you don't count Luke diving for fallen Cheerios--the acapella choir's volume height was at a superb sound level, muting Norah's one-ended conversation with the lady seated in front of her, and for a few moments there, I found my lap childless because of the help from grandmas and aunties.

In the end, sitting 2 rows behind the FIB and MIB didn't seem as paralyzing as first anticipated.

*Full Family

And as quickly as our leaves are changing, so is our choice of daily activities. We've packed up our pool and lifejackets, and pulled out our rakes and fall jackets--and vests. And while the children are excited for fallish type events this week, I'm eager for an out of the ordinary event of my own.

Here is where 4under3's very first contest comes in.
I'm kicking off the contest a day early, simply because tomorrow holds a lot for this household, and I'm just too excited to wait another day to tell you what's going on.

This week I am going to [do] [something]. And it's hidden below in the scrabble board.
To be part of this contest, you can do one of a few things. You can leave a comment--admittingly delurking or completely anonymous--about what you think my anomalous activity might be (and anything else you'd like to say about it). Or, you can leave a comment about a past anomalous activity you've taken part in. Or, you can just say hi. OR, you can do all of the above.

The winner will be picked at random sometime on Tuesday or Wednesday, then sent a splendid surprise package via snail mail.

Now get searching Scrabble challengers. First time joiners or daily visitors, Hunt it out. Rummage through. Go on your mission. Just don't bump the board, please.


Amy said...

My hot hubs says, "Nose Pierce".

I haven't yet decided.

Amy said...

Okay, I say, TRIATHALON, because, well, you rock like that.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to admittingly delurk here. What a good idea with a Scrabble board. And I'm glad all ended well with your darling children at the wedding.

My guess is that you're going on a balloon ride. I've never been, but I hope that is it and not that you are appearing in court.


Jennisa said...

you are going to GO RIDE with a GUY near the WOODs, and you and your PIERCEd NOSE and GUY DEAN are going to DIVE and FLY out of a PLANE while SKIing up by where the BALLOONS BREATHe.

just a guess though... :)

Lori said...

oh my pun are too clever!

so i am sitting here with paper and pencil writing the words...i'm cheesy, i know!

I have come up with MANY things I hope you won't be doing! (like dive from a balloon or pierce a hog!)

I say you might be riding in a balloon.

heck, or maybe having a baby! mercy, you are busy!


Alex said...

I am semi-delurking I suppose. I know I have commented before but I've never really introduced myself!! Hi!! I am Alex and I looove your blog. It is so cute and I was directed here from MckMama! Well, more on that later! :)

I think you are going to:

Fly in a plane and go to a triathlon (since you seem to love running), along with piercing your nose and fixing your skis in the woods!! :) Hope it's an amazing week for you all!!!

-Alex :)

~*~Megan~*~ said...

I am a lurker and I think you are going to BREATH this week--sit back and just enjoy things...

Mandi said...

I'm hoping it's not "meet men." :P

My guess is either "ride triathalon" or "pierce nose." I vote for the second – I have my nose pierced, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I'm not really a dress-up or jewelry kinda person, and I feel like it's so feminine (and kinda the good sense of the word) when I don't feel like any of those other things!

Tina m. said...

You wouldn't happen to be meeting Norm, would you? I've heard he's a great guy.

l e a h said...

Hi. My name is l e a h and I'm 27 and I have my nose pierced. I am terrified of riding on motorcycles. My husband has done it TWICE. I hear hot air balloon rides are nice, too. Never participated in a triathalon, but I do frequently put on sparring gear and hop around sweaty rooms and kick people.

Meet my friend Tiff. She is pretty hott. This week, after piercing her nose, she is going on a Harley ride. Because that is just not adventurous enough, dear commenters, she is going to flip a coin and either go on a hot air balloon ride or jump out of a plane. This may seem out of the norm, but Tiff, like me, thrives under pressure and loves to go against the grain (except oats).

Have I mentioned she's going to court because she has jury duty? The defendants's name is Dean, but that's all Tiff really knows, otherwise she wouldn't be a candidate for jury duty. Deep breath.

Jessie's Girls said...

Hm, are you going to wipe a hog? Or court a guy? Or meet Paula Dean? I guess you could be setting out to fix men. Good luck.

rachael said...

this is fantastic, i love the scrabble board idea! i have come up with a bunch of different combos, but i am going to be boring and go with a ride in a balloon.

joyful1 said...

There are three things I know you will do this week:

Wipe a baby
Fix oats
Vex (you’ve already puzzled me)

But those can’t be it because you said “anomalous activity” and as we all know, that means “deviating from or inconsistent with the common order, form, or rule; irregular; abnormal” I did not have to look that up (an early ‘Not Me Monday’).

But my real guess? Meet the president. How did I get that you ask? Ride in a plane to PA (which we all know stands for Pennsylvania, and we also know that the white house address is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave) and meet dub (my favorite nickname for George “dub” Bush, and ‘bud’ backwards) Maybe a stretch but I’m sticking to it.

Love ya Tiff, thanks for adding a little fun to my Sunday night!

~Wichita, KS

Julia said...

Is there snow in your parts?

Because the way I see it, to be able to SKI this time of year, only means you are going to do it down some of the finest hills.

Jennifer said...

ok, not that I think you are going to do this, but the first thing I read was "baby nose pierce" please say you aren't going to do this!! Or maybe you are going to fight a hog, dive out of a hot air balloon or fly a plane! Surely your not going to get rid of the guy!! You need him with 4 kids in tote!! Or maybe just maybe your going to meet dean and norm (whoever they may be) in court and serve them some bud and oats!!! LOL! I know I left out of a few of the words but I think I included plenty!

Melanie, Who am I ? said...

I'm pretty sure you are going to fix a plane with Dean, Norm & Bud. Or is it Dive for a Hog, is there a Rodeo in town?

amanda said...

first off thanks for visiting my blog. :) and the only thing i get from the board is "go meet in WI" because i'm from wi and wi is SO much don't know much else...except a whole lot of random words...

amanda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jessica said...

I really hope it's a balloon ride you will be taking. I've always wanted to do that! However, the other activities on the board sound equally thrilling.

gina said...

pierce nose jumps out at me- but maybe sky dive from a plane? That would be breathtaking! This is such a creative contest...can't wait to see what it is you'll be doing!

Anonymous said...

I got it!! You are going to meet Deann, then take the kidos to the woods and breath in the fresh air from the fallen leaves and then make a pile from the leaves and dive into them with the kidos and roll around in them like a hog rolls in the hog manure. Absolutely not get your nose pierced. Or maybe fly a kite. I just bet that's what your great day will be all about.

Kelly said...

I say ski diving and balloon ride with lots of hot air. hehe

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

It's got to be Sky dive out of a plane??
Maybe Ride a Hot air Balloon??

Both sound like quite the adventure to me. Can't wait to hear!!

Jen A. said...

I'll be the first to tell of an anomalous activity I once took part in.

Once, I parasailed over the Grand Canyon! Ok, that really was Not Me!!, but I'd love to one day.

BTW, I'm still laughing about how you did not squat to pee in high heels.

Weeksie50 said...

I think you are going to the county fair. I think that all these activities will be there.. that you can take part in.. I don't think you are taking part in all of them.. but you could if you wanted too..

Hi, I am Becky. I am a Not Me Monday person too.. and I was directed her from there..

Randomly pick me, Okay? Thanks. : )

Lisa said...

I tried not to cheat and read the other comments but I couldn't help but see a few said skydive and balloon ride. Those sound a lot better than my guess of flying with Amanda to do a triathalon wiht J LO. I think my guess sounds more interesting and safer so consider it.

OR, you are are pregnant because whenever people make you play games I think they are pregnant. Bless you.

Tara said...

You're going to go meet Bud, Dean and Norm in Pennsylvania and compete in a triathalon. Then you'll catch a plane to Washington and fix a fly ski with Pierce.

There. How's that? :)

Kelly said...

good answer Tara. I'm rooting for her answer, not mine. ( :

Nicole said...

perhaps , you are piercing your nose , running a triathalon , going a skiing trip , perhaps you have court duty , and well i'm holding my breath saying this you 're practicing breathing b/c you are having a baby????? i found baby , maybe , down from breath , wild guess yes , but you never know ;0)

Kristen said...

Well, if you decide to complete a triathalon, then seriously, I have never met anyone with as much energy as you. If you have been training to do a triathalon while raising 4 kids, and redoing a bathroom, you must not sleep!!

I am hoping that you are going to be like your swap partner and "Go for a ride on a Hog!" Because this Harley Mama (as I like to call myself, tacky I know) loves a motorcycle ride with the hubby!

But then I was thinking that you like to ski, so maybe you are flying off somewhere to go downhill skiing??

Interesting, can't wait to hear the results! :)

Melody said...

My brain hurts just looking at that.....

So, I will just say "Hi!" : )

Kelli @ Gohn Crazy said...

I say you're going to ride in a plane to PA. Because well I'm in PA and I'm partial to things happening near me. ;) And perhaps you'll get your nose pierced and give a hog a balloon while you're here. hehe I really like this contest. I think it's a lot of fun. And thanks so much for the visit. I'm off to look around. :)

Anonymous said...

You are going to pierce your nose !!!!!!!
I am so jealous! My husband wants me to sooo bad but I just don't know if I can!
I am on anonymous blogger that has 6 kids, 2 of those being twin just turned 2 year old girls.


Alicia O. & the gang said...

OH my goodness...the options are endless...and from what I know of you, you really are making this hard, as I see you doing MANY of thte possible combinations!

I love the one who were going to "breathe" that sounds relaxing!

I am jealous if it is the "triathalon"!

If it's a "balloon ride" that would be gorgous right now!

And if you are getting a "pierced nose" you ROCK! That would go right along with your "edgy nailcolor!!!!!!

Kyle said...

A scrabble board, what a good idea. And since it's too early to think about it, and I doubt I'd be any more clever than the rest, I'll go with melody and say "HI!"

Can't wait to here what it is

Kaci said...

Ooo you went skiing in IS? LOL! I dunno! I love your blog! First time here...found you through Kelli at Gohn Crazy! :)