Tuesday, December 23, 2008

last minute changes

There have been some "last minute changes" here at 4[children in]under3[years]. First, I'll tell you about our morning.

This morning, I tweeted about needing to swing through our closest superstore for odds-n-ends. After loading our cart with a mega box of size 3 diapers for Norah and Hazel's day wear, size 4 diapers for their nighttime wear, size 5 diaper for Luke's day wear, and size 5 "Nighttime" for his nighttime wear--and yes, I do think about how much we contribute to our local landfills--I realized that being in the store with 4 children much longer would Just. Not. Work. Christmas grocery items would just have to wait until after they were tightly tucked in bed, and I was alone. Therefore, I grabbed a mega box of wipes and we headed to the checkout line. "Who wants to go to [friend/acquaintance/relative's]* house?" I asked. Julia and Luke cheered with excitement. So, last minute, as we left the parking lot, I phone said person to confirm they were home, and started on our 50 minute drive out of town that would end up being a wonderfully joyous time.

*I'm leaving out said person's name because of a privacy issue. It deals with a Christmas surprise issue...that would be a spoiled issue if said person's name was, well, said.

Then, yesterday's naptime decided that last minute it would usher forth more than just a rested 4-year-old. Take a gander at these:

So, last minute, we decided to schedule an emergency haircut. It's at 5 this afternoon.

Then, last night I found a letter from my Sneaky Santa. I tore into it finding my next letter:

And last minute, before I headed out with a friend to get a last minute Christmas present, I decided to flip through the mail one more time and found this:

Two letters in one day!

With one more minute--before naps are over--I'll recap the accumulated letters so far.

What's it spell? Anyone? Someone? I'm terrible at Scrabble!


Melanie, Who am I ? said...

I was wondering if you would go out there today, I almost called you.

Lori said...

oh no...the hair!

and i am pretty good at scrabble, but those letters suck!
what? any clue?

Following Him said...

So that's what the hair comment is! OMG!!! Have no idea...but will keep trying with the letters!

Lori said...

My oldest took her dad's RAZOR to her colic in front 2 Christmases ago. That's why she got a shorter 'do with bangs. I'm so glad you took pictures. Anyone for a cute bob haircut this Christmas?

This secret Santa deal is killing me. I can't stand it. So I've been working on it. And thinking that there's one more day before Christmas. One more day the mailman will deliver. One more letter. (Just my theory...) I went with APRICOT. But then you have an extra "c." So maybe an apricot [something with a C]. Then I thought CHARIOT then I thought RICOTTA. All give you an extra C. So I added one more letter - a mystery letter - and looked up some scrabble help. I know, I know, I'm TOO into this... But get this, I found ACROSTIC which, although I've never used it myself, says it means, "a series of lines or verses in which the first, last, or other particular letters, when taken in order, spell out a word." Maybe you'll get a "S" tomorrow?? Huh. That's it. That's what I've got for you tonight. Hubs been hinting at anything? Or claiming "it's not me" ??? What does HE say????

Lisa H said...

I'm thinking something-city? I don't know, but I'm dying to find out! :) Let us know soon!

My little Jonah (3) just decided to cut his own hair a week or so ago. Not quite as traumatic, and actually pretty funny. I can't imagine if I had to deal with all that hair loss! I'm sure Julia looks just gorgeous with her new 'do! Can't wait to see it.

t h a i t r a i t said...

Bless Juj's heart. She's got a hott new 'do! I would imagine it looks lovely even after a touching up by a professional. I think it looks good as is, but, then again, I fell out of the unconventional tree a long time ago.

I think I cut mine with kids' scissors once, you know, those plastic safety kind that you get on your first day of first grade. Yeah, have I told you about that? I think that really happened...or, maybe it was my brother, no, wait, he put Vaseline in his hair. As I stood idly by.

And, I think someone's sending you chicken CACcIaTORe in the mail. Just a hunch.

Ehlan said...

Oh Ms. Julia.... Hopefully your family pics are already taken! Can't wait to see the after shot!