Friday, December 26, 2008

[sung to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas]

On the day after Christmas my true love said to me,

Ju-lia's not so bad,

Norah and Hazel...really loved the paper,
We sure took a lot of the girls,

Our house looks like...a major disaster,
It will just have to...stay like this for awhile,


When are you going to blog about your special treat?

*I didn't say it was a perfect rendition of the song.

(Soon! I promise. Just as soon as I sit for a minute, snap my sugar high children back into shape, and finish picking up hidden, leftover scraps of Christmas paper. I'll tell you all about how Santa came to our house, presented me with the last letter that had a 7 day schedule of everyone who signed up to watch our children at our home--in March--while Mr. Marvelous takes this lucky lady to a far off--warm--place. Then I'll tell you about how I figured it out, how he confirmed I was correct, and...well, where we are going.)

As for now, have any of you figured it out?

What do these letters spell: RATIOCCSA

Besides you, Suzanne! Good guess! And smart thinking...emailing your idea as not to spoil the fun. As for the rest of you, consider the comment area open as of now...for your best guess.


Ehlan said...

I don't know what RATIOCCSA it just me??

Lori said...


Lori said...

And by the way, I think Julia's new (est) haircut is smashing!

Sarah said...

I really wasn't going to say Costa Rica. I had no idea!

But Costa Rica????

How fun will that be!

Lori said...

how fun! and warm!

Lisa H said...

Congratulations! How fun--I'm looking forward to hearing all the details of your fun surprise!

Adorable pictures of your girls, as usual. But what about your darling little boy? :)

heather@it'stwinsanity said...

Must be Costa Rica! Wow! What a great gift! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd be the first to guess Costa Rica. It looks like a few beat me to it.

Good job cracking the code. So much fun!

Sylvia said...

Yeah! I'd love to go there.

Following Him said...

Ok...since someone else has spilled the it Coast Rica??? By the way...I like Julia's new hair do as well (the pro version :)) Glad you all had a Merry Christmas!!!

t h a i t r a i t said...

Sweet! Warm! Hot!

Postcard! Me! Send! Please!

Lori said...

do tell me about the pippi fave character growing up! even dressed up like her, braids sticking out and all! my 6 year old loves her!

Lorie said...

COSTA RICA!!!! Wow what a wonderful gift!! I have to agree that Julia's hair isn't so's cute!

4under3 said...

The Pippi plates, bowls, and silverware are from my MIL. She found them at a cutesie Norwegian gift store in a podunk town a little ways from here.