Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Riddle #1: Stunts like these

UPDATED: I just ran in from the mailbox. (And actually, I had a handful of Christmas cards that were freshly licked, saw the mailman at my neighbors box, and dashed out to catch him. But missed him by a few yards. I felt like a dork standing in the middle of the road watching him drive away.) Guess what came!!!!! Another letter from my Secret Santa. And believe me when I say, "They ARE GOOD!" More to come.

Yesterday and today have been some doozies.

I'll tell you this though, amidst the constant drum of the washer and dryer and the race through boxes of diapers, I'm enjoying every minute of the snuggle time with little Ms. Norah. She's barely made a peep over the last 24 hours, just lays in my arms with her head on my shoulder. Droopy eyes and all. But, I'm pretty sure Hazel and I are on our way back down the mountain of mucky tummies. Likewise, if Norah keeps up her appetite like she has, I'm thinking she'll be tiptop by tomorrow morning. But my SIL (Mr. Marvelous' sister who lives in our basement) she came home around lunch time today dragging her tail. Poor thing.

And if you ask Julia and Luke, they've heard me say to myself numerous times "I'm so glad this is going on now, and not next week, or the next week."

Oh! And, last night they also heard me squeeeeeeal with excitment. You want to know why? Do you? Ok. But do you really? Alright, alright. I'll tell you.

Look at this:

This came in the mail, unreturnaddressed. Do you all know that I.LOVE.THIS.KIND.OF.STUFF?? Obviously someone knows that. But who could it be?

At first I thought it was my dad. He's so like that. Sneaky, tricky, and artful when it comes to stunts like this sort. But Mr. Marvelous pointed out that the cutout "R" appears to be from a Rice Krispie box. And my father does not eat Rice Krispies. It's a good thing too--that it's not from him, not that he doesn't eat Rice Krispies--because while I love surprises/riddles/stunts like these, I dislike an easy solve. Then I thought it was t h a i t r a i t. She has my address, and is always making efforts to better people's day. But I just. Don't. Know.

So have at it folks. What do you think this is all about? Something that has an "R" in it? More valuable than my most wanted thing? Hmmm. I've been thinking about it all day and I've no clue.

Well, I mean, I have lots of clues. I just need help putting them together.


t h a i t r a i t said...

Here's one clue:

I like chicken sausage and hemp smoothies for breakfast.


Sarah said...

Things that start with R:

Rig (Like a big rig.)

Do any of those sound right?

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

Oh, oh, oh...this is so exciting!

I just wish it was for me or that I was the one clever enough to do it!

Lisa H said...

Oh, how very fun! Please keep posting your clues on here so we can join in the mystery with you! :)

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

This sounds like fun. Hope you keep posting about it so we can try and help you with the clues. :)
Maybe it's a Ring??

rachael said...

oh how fun, i love this kind of stuff!

Ehlan said...

How very fun!!! I'm a little jealous! My vote is for REST!!! :) I hope you are all feeling better too!

Anonymous said...

I'm with the rest of the group. This sounds like FUN! When do you think you'll get your next clue?


Whitney said...

How fun!! I love stuff like that!

Helene said...

How fun! It's obviously from someone who knows you'd love a little mystery like this!! And from someone very creative!!!

I found your blog through Rebecca's blog (Dawnlight Daze)! I always enjoy reading blogs written by other moms with twins. I giggled when I read your profile because, lik you, I also had 4 kids in a matter of 2.5 yrs! Two sets of twins! Talk about a wild rollercoaster ride, right?

Ehlan said...

Tiff-Yes, she was crawling out of her crib...like a mad woman!!! :) Crazy little thing. I debated A LOT about what to do, but ultimately decided I wanted her out before #2 arrives, so to the bed she went!

Ehlan said...

Tiff-Yes, she was crawling out of her crib...like a mad woman!!! :) Crazy little thing. I debated A LOT about what to do, but ultimately decided I wanted her out before #2 arrives, so to the bed she went!

gina said...

What if it's a book deal? Write on your blog- I like your writing- etc.

Wouldn't that be cool??!!