Sunday, December 21, 2008

Riddle #4: With some Puppy Chow

As I sit here munching on Puppy Chow--it's what I made after the children were tucked in bed the night Mr. Marvelous was out getting reaquainted with Black Diamonds--my brain is getting quite the workout. I'm mulling over these 4 anonymously signed, Sneaky Santa letters that have arrived in my mailbox over the past week.

First, I thought I pinned the tail on our friend Gregg. Then, a college hallmate of mine my freshman year, Resa. Then, I imagined it was a bloggy friend of mine, Alicia. And lastly, I had reason to believe it was MckMama, an older and wiser alum from my alma mater. That was until she texted me to clear up my erroronous presumption.

But, now! Even if I do think it is my MIL. What are the letters, "R,A,O" and now "I" supposed to be spelling?

Check this cute card out:

On the inside, "Hope Santa brings all your favorite things" is typed. And on the front, my name and address are typed also. There's no handwriting to dicifer this time around.

And, do you remember how the first 2 envelopes were postmarked in St. Paul and then the Upper P&DC? This one was postmarked in my very own town. Something smells a little fishy here. Is my husband in on this?

So, if I'm spelling something, I now think it is RADIO. Will there be a clue on the radio? Will I forever be held in suspense? And, will I be the one to eat the entire tub of Puppy Chow today?


Following Him said...

Hope Norah is feeling better fun having a baby sick! The suspence is killing me with Santa. Thanks for the support.

t h a i t r a i t said...

Maybe you're being ORDAined sometime soon.

And I can think of a state in this great union that has all those letters.

t h a i t r a i t said...

I forgot to capitalize the 'I' and mistakenly capitalized the 'D'. But you get my DrIft.

Stephanie said...

OOOh this is getting spooky :)

Sylvia said...

Have you asked your husband? Maybe he might shed some light on this brain tease.

And maybe I should go make some Puppy Chow. That sounds good.

Lori said...

hmmm...intriguing! (sp?)
radio city music hall?

fun trip!

Andi said...

FLORIDA!! I think Husband knows more than he's telling.

Anonymous said...

there are people involved that you really do know well, use the letters that have been mailed to spell, spell, spell.

Yes, many cities are involved, but what does that mean?, maybe you are overthinking the sneaky santa c?

it really isn't hard if you think of what you want, the answer is there in front if you take your mind on a jaunt.

soon you will really see...that letters can spell the noun you desire to be.

Candace Jean July 16 said...

This is getting so exciting!! I'm sure Mr. Marvelous is in on it somehow. He's gotta be.

Lori said...

what a treat! a clue in your comments! i am excited!

Lisa H said...

Oooh, a comment clue too? This is just so fun! I'm suspicious of your husband--I'm thinking he knows what is going on! :)

Can't wait to find out!

Amanda said...

I'm thinking Florida... Or roadtrip :) Maybe you and Mr. Marvelous are going somewhere alone while in Florida?

gina said...

Or maybe you guys are going alone to Florida? Or your all going- did you ever want to go to Disney with the kids- to see Tink perhaps?

Lorie said...

I think Andi, up there, is a pretty smart cookie....FLORIDA??? Could it be something to do with your trip??? Mr. Marvelous...could he be in on this???? Very intriguing!

As for the carpet guy....that probably made his day!