Saturday, December 20, 2008

Riddle #3: Tony the Tiger Style

UPDATED: I just found another riddle in the stack of mail--that came 4 hours late due to our blizzard (poor dear mailman)--that Mr. Marvelous brought in. I'll post it soon. But, I have to say, I think I've been wrong about each person I guessed so far. I think I might have my finger on it now though. But as to WHAT it is, still no clue!

Top 10 reasons why today (as in Friday since I'm posting this at midnight) was Grrrrreat:

#10: I watched Luke play oh-so-nicely with my friend's 4-year-old during our morning playdate. With his hockey helmet in the backwards position and an occasional lion roar booming from his mouth, he worked his kindest friend voice the entire morning. Atta boy, Lukers!

#9: We got our snowsuit groove on after naps. And, despite Norah's refusal to enjoy the freshly fallen snow, help build a snow fort, and laugh with the others on a crazy fast sled ride, we had a festive, great time.

#8: Not one of the twins dirtied the bath water during group tub time tonight. If you know what I mean. Yesterday morning, Hazel did so, and she was very disturbed by the whole situation. Very!

#7: I apparently made the carpet guy--who was at our door at a bright and early 8:20 this morning--chuckle as I greeted him with my surprised, "Oh! Hello!" (More on that one in the next Not Me! Monday post.)

#6: I finished the cutest, girliest, craftyist, 4-year-old'ish, Tinkerbell'ish Christmas gift for Julia tonight while a friend crafted next to me in my scrap room.

#5: I found broken pieces of glass in our garbage disposal, sink drain, and on our countertop today. And, I haven't heard one peep from anyone about anything breaking. Hmm? Oh, wait. That shouldn't make this list.

#4: I got this in the mail tonight: while trying to pull Norah around in the sled to prove that Minnesota winters are something she'll eventually find herself yearning for.

And, no! I have no idea what this means. In fact, this Sneaky Santa actually asked inside the card, after wishing me a Merry Christmas, "Have you guessed yet?" Let see, have I guessed who and what this is all about with the letters "R, A, and O?" Not even the teensiest, weensiest bit. Am I totally loving that someone is playing a favorite game of mine on me? Completely, entirely and absolutely! Except I really wish I had some sort of lead here. Am I spelling something? Oh, and the postmark stamp is not readable. I wonder where this one came from?

Dear Sneaky Santa, could you answer a few of these questions please? Because as of now, I'm thinking "A" and "O" might imply that this girl is running this sneaky show.

#3, #2, and #1: Mr. Marvelous just arrived home from a trip to the slopes with a friend. Ahh. Now I can go to bed.


Lori said...

golly...what a treat you are getting in the mail! sure beats the heap o junk i throw out on a daily basis! pitiful!

i love that you are stumped...and i am sure the secret person does too!
I will stay tuned...this is like a good mystery unfolding before me!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure ROA is about to spell Road. Lie the road trip you are about to go on. And if that's not it, I'm stumped too.

And, it's a good day when our littlest doesn't dirty the tub water too.


t h a i t r a i t said...

Love your commentary at the end of #5. :)

R-A-O backwards is O-A-R.

Maybe someone is taking you on a kayaking or canoeing adventure or something!

heather@it'stwinsanity said...

Just found your blog via MckMama's blog. I also have 4 under 3 and a set of identical twin girls! After reading through some of your older posts it seems we have a lot in common. Hope you don't mind if I stick around and read...

Lori said...

I'm totally into this secret santa deal goin on.... I can hardly stand it!! What's next? C'mon, secret person, we're DYING to know..... Too bad there's no mail delivery on Sundays...
-Lori (from MOM's)

4under3 said...

I'm with you Lori!

And, last night I was pretty sure it was someone else. Who reads this blog (obviously). But there was a hint of doubt so I didn't say anything.

Now, I am wondering if the letters:R, A, and O are the beginnings of this person's children's names. That would mean it wasn't who I thought last night. Gosh. I feel like a dog trying to catch it's tail.


Following Him said...

Hopefully this nice flu bug will go away...NOW! Hang in there and hopefully the kiddos will feel better soon!

Christy and Drew said...

Hey Tiff! I found your blog and am enjoying following this secret santa quest! It is great seeing how life is for the Swanson family! Drew and I still need to meet the twins!!! Hopefully we will get the chance to see you soon.

Take Care,

PS- I am keeping posted to see how this riddle turns out!

Ehlan said...

I was guessing road trip too...but I was beat to the punch!! I'm excited to find out!

Amy said...

I think I know!!

R.A.O. ... is the beginning of RAOK (random act of Kindness!!)??

So, perhaps w/ your next letter (IF it is indeed a 'K'), you will get a special treat -- a random act of kindness!!

Following Him said...

to answer your I am not your secret santa and I am loving the edge of your seat posts. Wondering who and what could be!

gina said...

No idea- but I'm enjoying the fun! Can't wait to read Monday's post. I'm lol alreading.