Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me! Monday

UPDATED: Because of a recent incident that didn't happen to us this morning, I've added a Not Me! scenario at the end of this post.

I could think of 43 things that didn't happen to me in the last day and a half.

I'm sure of it.

But, to save you time to hop over to My Charming Kids and read all the other things that would never happen to a chick like me, I'll give you just 2.

On Saturday, Mr. Marvelous and I were short our oldest child and thought we'd load our 2 year old and 1 year olds in the car and run to the mall to Christmas shop. As we excitedly began searching for a spot to park, one of the twins did not let out a loud burp followed by her entire breakfast. Not even twice! Nope. Then--after a quick 3 minute trip home--as I was leaning across little Hazel to unbuckle and remove her entire carseat--with her still strapped into it--she did not repeat the process of burp-and-release-breakfast right across my arm. No way! That would be gross.

And last night, after all Mr. Marvelous' Tuesday Morning Bible Study friends and their families left our house, I did not walk into Julia's room to find these two:

jumping on her bed. Not me! We run a tight ship here! Our children know the Furniture rules and follow them wonderfully. Furthermore, they had not stripped down to bare nakedness leaving their panties and diaper on the floor near the door while flailing about in their birthday suits. Never. [huff] I wouldn't even know what that looks like.

Ya catch my drift? Not me!

And, hot off the press! After we arrived home from our morning business today, I unloaded Hazel first knowing she had blown through her diaper and up her back, therefore needing a change before I removed the 3 remaining children. After returning to the car for her siblings, Luke did not yell, "Mommy, No-wah no peel good!" as she was apparently trying to outdo her twin sister's vomit session right then and there. Nope. Which means we most certainly didn't just infest many, many children--between our party last night, and the grocer's Stay-n-Play this morning (I'm so sorry!!) with this nasty bug that isn't floating around our house. I do not blame it on the McDonald's Playland Germ City that we visited last Thursday. I did not have to go through the entire car seat clean up ditty as I did just a few days before. I will not have to call my friend--who was planning on watching the twins while Mr. Marvelous, Luke, and I go to Julia's rescheduled and very first EVER Christmas Concert at preschool--to tell her that we won't be needing her since one of us will be staying home with our little Norah. And as a result, I did not set up the pack-n-play in our bedroom for Hazel, so that for the VERY FIRST TIME they would sleep apart from eachother allowing for uninterrupted naps for the both of them.




Following Him said...

I did not laugh at the upchuck story nor did I smile at the kiddos' picture!

Lisa H said...

I hope Hazel is feeling better after not getting sick!

What an adorable picture of your oldest two--they look so sweet!

mommaof4wife2r said...

ur kiddos are sooo precious! what a cute bunch....i'm a momma of 4 too...all girls. and my girls never get caught jumping on their beds!

t h a i t r a i t said...

GOODNESS GRACIOUS! You pop out some beautiful babes.

Hey, at least they weren't running around the living room, TP'ing your walls with wet toilet Jacob and I did once when my Mom was on the phone. Your children are much more well-behaved than that.

Have I mentioned I love that picture of them?

Stephanie Balvin said...

That picture is great! I would love to see the comparison to you and your hubby because it looks like the 2 of you as kids in my mind!

gina said...


Oh no I did not let my 11 year old dye her hair with streaks of hot red and cut it off to a do similar to yours. Nope- those aren't picture proofs on my blog. That would be shear madness!

And no I did not just order ugg boots for ALL the adult ladies in our family for Christmas - that would be the easy way out of all the shopping I left for the last minute and make my husband pay the price for my procrastinating. lol.
the ladies will be happy and warm though. :)

ps. check out my blog today- I didn't pass a delightfully flattering award on to you there- I would never boast or brag...

t h a i t r a i t said...

Ugh. Sorry to hear that. I would watch them for you! Germs or no germs!

Patrice said...

Oh no!
I hope your little girls are feeling better! That picture of them is adorable! Great stories even though they didn't happen of course!

Lisa H said...

Oh, so sad. So sorry for little Norah too...hope you are all feeling better soon!

Mrs B said...

Is it sad that I am thrilled my life now consists of poop and vomit? Just means, there a kids in the house and like you, I have many small children.

Great list!

gina said...


And don't feel bad about contaminating- my motto is if you leave your bed during this time of you are exposed to germs. Especially with kids. Good Luck - I'm sure you are going to need it over the next few days... :(

Mama Amber said...

Ahh, poor babies!

Beauitful picture :0)

Happy Monday!

Amy said...

Oh no.
I love the photo.

Hey, I tried really hard, after you sent us the love bloom, to save your address label...or did I write it down? Anyway, I tried hard to keep track of your address.
But, now that it's time to send out cards, it's no where to be found.

Can you email me your address??

Thanks so much!!

Kristin and Mike said...

Oh, I feel for you. Our girls even when sick will not sleep in separate rooms...they cry like mad for each other. Still them same way now at almost 3 years. And cleaning car seats...the pits! Natalie and Amelia are VERY prone to carsickness (even in less than 15 min rides) and I have cleaned WAY too many. The straps and buckles are the worst!

Lorie said...

Poor babies. I hope no one else gets it. Do Julia and Luke know how to throw up the toilet or "throw up bucket" is what we call the little rubbermaid tub they each keep under their beds JIC? That always makes the vomitrociousness much easier to clean up. Poor little girls....I'm sad they have to sleep apart.
Jumping on the bed naked....LOVE IT!

Angela said...

Oh- I am so sorry the babies are sick!! Urgh. Well- at least you are a good sport about it! Like the say- if we didn't laugh, we'd cry!

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