Monday, December 8, 2008

What did we do? And Not Me! Monday

It was a fun, jampacked weekend. If I do say so myself.

But don't take my word for it. Just ask these two who joined in the adventures with me:

That's the duo that I caught myself blowing mucho kisses at--through the rearview--while barreling up the highway to the big city for an overnight sleepover at my brother and SIL's. But before we arrived at their slippery, six degree doorstep--2 hours from ours--we made some other stops. So in true Not Me! fashion, I'll fill you in on a little of what we didn't dip our toes in. (Toes covered with thick socks and snow boots, that is.)

Hang on to your Viking hat, these horns are ready and rearin'.

While enjoying our morning playdate with friends Nicole and MckMama (Where "Karen" works, but wasn't that day.), I did not look at their two sweet little girls and wish my little Norah and Hazel were along too. Not once! For goodness sakes, I had two children along with already. That was plenty. And Norah and Hazel were home with their daddy wrestling and reading books, so everyone was getting good quality time in. And I knew this, so it didn't feel weird--at all--that I was having fun with only half of my squad.

Our next stop was my good friend Michelle's house. It was her daughter's 4th birthday party. And believe me, when we walked in and I saw her fabulously decorated cupcake birthday decor--trees of felted cupcake ornaments, carefully constructed cupcake shirts as party favors, and pink and brown ribbons and bows galore--I did not foam at my craft loving mouth. I just enjoyed it all like everyone else, not once drawing up blueprints in my mind of exactly how I would attempt to recreate it all when I returned home. Come on! Nope.

And, after my SIL and I enjoyed our night out at the Christmas concert, we stopped at a Caribou for coffee by the fake fireplace. While standing in front of the cashier, trying to decide what to order, I did not apologize for my indecision justifying it with, "I'm sorry, it's just that I'm a Starbucks girl at heart but I'm trying to broaden my horizons."

Now, if you want to play along in Not Me! Monday, go on over and join in. It's rejuvinating! Oh, and while you're over there, check out the REBEL FOR A CAUSE RAFFLE-WAY. The Mckfamily is raising support for three wonderful ministries. Try for a chance at winning a Canon SLR plus TONS of other great prizes. But hurry. It ends soon!


Lisa H said...

Sounds like a very fun weekend!

Lorie said...

When you get all that cupcake parafanalia re-created, post pictures; so I can see and maybe attempt to tri-copy (which means copy after someone else has already copied).
I can't imagine all the snow....we usually get snow one day/year, and everything shuts down. Texas folk don't know how to handle that sort of weather.

t h a i t r a i t said...

So sweet that your little girls got to stay home and hang out with Dad! So fun for the older two to hang out with Mom!

Glad you're safe at home today.

Corrin said...

I'd have chosen a Hot Apple Blast. That's my non-coffee drink of choice.

And, do please show us your newest crafty creation.

Anonymous said...

Tiff no need to foam at the mouth!!! I can give you all the plans I have from the party:) I'm glad you made it to our place I know its so hard when we live SOOO far away! I miss you my dear friend!

Following Him said...

I am not jealous that you have snow or the fact that your kiddos are precious :)

Anonymous said...

Funny what you said to the Caribou Coffee person. *L* I've never had CC of course that's because there aren't any around here to try.

And isn't it funny how when you get a break from some of the kids you still end up missing them? What's up with that? ;)

gina said...

Oh no, you DIDN'T say that outloud. Too funny!

This weekend I didn't stand in line for well over an hour with two little girls and my disbelieving husband (at the line- not Santa) to see Santa for two seconds and then I didn't pay 21.95 for 1 sheet of * wallet size prints of the moment.
And no , hubby didn't let Shaye eat a bagel with chocolate jimmies and Mackenna- ice cream with a splash of Gatorade on it while I was at a baby shower (for triplets!) just because it was "their recipes for the cookbook Shaye is making".


gina said...


A hot apple blast sounds deelish since I'm not a coffee drinker either.

and... I'm adding my voice to share pictures and plans for the cupcake bash with the rest of us!

Stephanie said...

Oh my...I'm cracking up about your coffee escapade! Gotta love an honest woman :)

momstheword said...

I am not a coffee drinker either (really not, not a "not me" not...hehehe!). Glad you had fun and loved the pictures of your kids!

Lindsley said...

Ok...since you're also a downhill skier I have to ask...have you ever skied pregnant or do you know anyone who has? We (my family..parents, husband and brother and SIL ) go to CO once a year. Last year I didn't get to go b/c I was 34 weeks pregnant and on bedrest, but this year I'm only going to be 14 weeks pregnant and have ever intention of skiing my heart out! We go to a smaller place in CO that's not that hard and I rarely I think I'm fine there..but wanted to know your take on it!

And thanks for the congrats on our blog!

Salsygirl said...

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