Thursday, December 18, 2008

Riddle #2: Sneaky Santa

Remember when I said that I love suprises, but don't love easy solves?

Well, I'll admit. When my Sneaky Santa--that's what I'm calling him/her, "Sneaky"--sent Riddle #1 (you can catch up in my previous post), it was postmarked in St. Paul. That's not too far from here! And, right away I pictured the one person I was sure must have concocted this mystery. Gregg! Oh!! How nice of him, I thought. Then, I assumed it was: Game O-ver Mystery Man.

However, I most certainly didn't assume correctly. This Santa took sneaky to a whole new level.

Let me explain. Today my riddle's envelope was postmarked in the UPSTATE P&DC...way the heck up and over from us. (Like, hours and hours and hou...well, you get the picture.) Hmmm. Either this Santa has been making some practice routes in preparation for Christmas Eve or there are a few of his elves wrapped up in this conundrum.

Now, feast your eyes on this folks:

...just a plain banana yellow sheet of paper and the letter "A" circled in the word March.

So, let's wrap our brain around the clues so far.

  • letters "R" and "A"
  • yellow paper
  • "precious thing"
  • "more valuable than your most wanted thing"
  • "what's left after the fog"

  • So far, FaithHopeLove said ring. Ehlan thinks rest. And, if I had to choose one from Sarah's list I'd pick rainbows. (It does have the two letters, and yellow is in a rainbow.) But, what about Bora Bora, y'all? Yellow sun, precious sleep with Mr. Marvelous in huts over the ocean? Yes? No? Gosh, I thought it was a shot in the dark, but maybe I'm on to something here.

    I will leave you with this one last thing. The handwriting on the envelope today is very, VERY familar. So familiar that I'm feeling a very strong pull towards one of two people. It's long and flowylike. No longer do I think it is Gregg, but possibly my friend Resa. She's nowhere near either of the previous post offices, but then again, I never thought we'd have 4 children in 2 1/2 years, now did I!?



    I'm thinking....RoAd tRip

    t h a i t r a i t said...

    I, on the other hand, am thinking air trip.

    To sARdinia.

    What could be more precious than sardines? One of my fave foods. High in good brain fats, low in mercury...

    And they have nice beaches and cool music there, too. So I've heard.

    Anonymous said...

    The inside track, I have you know;
    Bora Bora, it is not so...

    tina m. said...

    We're among the Secret Santa I feel. This is so cool.

    rachael said...

    maybe it's a group of secret santas :)

    4under3 said...

    I think rachael is on to something. A group of Santas!!

    And since it's not Bora Bora, I'm going to guess-
    ScRApbook Lifetime membership. Or, a stack of cARds to send out to friends. Because I love sending out things in the mail.

    Am I getting hotter?