Thursday, December 11, 2008

the following email from Mr. Marvelous

Preface: We live in Minnesota!

Did you know that the last time I vacationed somewhere warm was on our honeymoon?

And, oh, that was fabulous!

Mr. Marvelous and I enjoyed 8 days/7 nights on the sultry island of Cozumel. I'd go back to our resort in a heartbeat. And I've let that be known to my wonderful husband--of 5 years--many times since we waved goodbye to the schools of tuna, mopeds and helmets, and 24 hour sunshine. (Ok, fine. But it felt like the sun was always out.)

And, last year when my darling dude accompanied his father and brother to sunny Florida, I happily obliged since I knew it would be a great bonding time for them all. he promised we'd go together this year.

Now, might I have you read the following email that I received from Mr. Marvelous just yesterday? At first I found it completely bizarre. Now I think of it as entirely comical.

Subject: Set aside see the full picture.

Think about the positives and the negatives of Julia and I driving the BMW convertible [mmhmm, I can see where this is going] to Florida sometime in Jan. It would be 2 days of driving and 2 days in Florida.

- Julia and dad time
- Julia gets to see the ocean
[She watches Nemo. She's fine.]
- Julia gets to fly in an airplane [I love airplanes, I really do.]
- You have my Titan while the Yukon is being repaired [Thank you Target lot.]
- Julia gets to travel to Florida
- Time with my bro, as he would also be a driver

- away from the fam for 4-5 days
- umm….
[Yea, you already know my answer.]
- Tiff doesn’t go this time and Julia goes before you [Bingo.]

Your Babes

Let's just say, it didn't take me long to see the "big picture." What picture do you see?


Kristin and Mike said... comment.

Tina m. said...

I'm laughing right now. I can see that even without children, you'd have not one boring moment with a funny husband like that.

Amy said...

haha... I'm laughing rt now.

Following Him said...

Ummm...I think Mr. Marvelous has lost it and forgot the conversation. Laughing for ya girl!

Kelli @ Gohn Crazy said...

Oh no he didn't!

Stephanie said...

How creative!!! That's so cute.

Liz said...

hmmmm...he's pretty funny..

t h a i t r a i t said...

I think Mr. Marvelous fell out of the same sarcasm tree as my husband.

Lorie said...

I think Mr. Marvelous just earned the opportunity to take all 4 under 3 to Florida while you do whatever you want to. How about them apples?

gina said...

From a mom- who went to Florida with hubbie and kids in Aug. of '07 and May of '08 when it was warm here anyways) but who has a hubbie who went alone last superbowl weekend (although i was glad he was so far away when the PATS lost!), alone last Labor day weekend and is booked to go - alone- this superbowl weekend- I feel your pain.

I did however plant the seeds of how pretty Disney looks decorated for Christmas- so maybe Dec. of 09 for me? With the whole family of course.

Sarah said...

I'm curious to see..I mean hear what the verdict ends up being.