Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me! Monday..for I was not embarrassed.

UPDATE: Ok. Psych! The version I was talking about is not from Shaun Groves but Russ Lee. I promise this time. And, I got another letter from the Sneaky Santa. We'll talk more later.

UPDATE: My favorite Christmas song this year--that I spoke of below--now has an artist!! Hip, Hip Horray! My ipod is welcoming Shaun Groves' version of O Come all Ye Faithful as we speak.

It's Monday again, and that means our favorite crockpot BBQ for supper, 18 month appointments for the twins, and hopefully riddle #5 from the Sneaky Santa (Did you read what Andi said last post?) it's Not Me! Monday!

I have not had a difficult time leaving this present--that I made for Julia--alone in the Christmas cupboard. And, I do not think it's the cutest thing I've seen since felted bunnies:

And, the reason I haven't wrapped it yet is not because I love looking at it, that I [heart] crafted clipboards in pinks, greens, and blues, or because its ribbon combination is like eye candy for me. No! I just haven't gotten around to it. For pete's sake you guys, it's Tinkerbell. Only 4 year olds--and maybe 5 year olds...quite possibly 6 year olds too--love Tinkerbell. Not mamas!

And because I promised....
...the other morning--while our 4 and 2 year old were constructing atop the lego table in the livingroom, the twins were eating whole wheat banana pancakes in their highchairs, and I was cleaning up the kitchen--my very favorite Christmas song for this year came on the radio.

(I've searched high and low for the male artist who sings this wonderfully harmonious version of Oh Come All Ye Faithful with no luck at all.)

I cranked the volume and phoned a friend--one who had been trying to help me figure out the artist--so that she could turn it on her radio too. I only got her voicemail so I hung up and continued to dance around the kitchen belting my very best stage voice into the pancake flipper while the twins watched with wide eyes.

Just then I was startled with an, "Excuse me, Hello!" Mid-chorus, I did not spin around to find the carpet guy--seemingly amused--witnessing my mini concert as he stood in our front entryway. He did not have the widest smile painted across his face. He did not apologize--as if he was caught without paying--chuckling, "Sorry, your kids let me in." And, I certainly didn't quickly lay the flipper down as I started in with my explanation of why I was doing what I was doing. Na-ah! Nope! I don't get easily embarrassed over things like that. (Ok, but I really don't. But this time I did. I mean I didn't.)

Now this is not the end, but yet the beginning. For more embarrassing moments that never happened, click on over to My Charming Kids. You'll be glad you did.


devinisagirlsname said...

Try looking up the version by Chris Tomlin. My iphone has this application called Shazam that listens to songs and then tells you who sings them and what they're called- every pretty Christmas song by an unidentified male voice has been Chris Tomlin!

momof2greatboys said...

Oh MY!! How funny!! I love when children learn how to do "grown-up" things like open the door or answer the phone!! I laughed so hard at your post! Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!!

gina said...


ps - I forgot to ask last post, what is puppy chow?

t h a i t r a i t said...

Ah hahahaha hahaha ha haha ha ha!

(Laughing with you, not at you.)

Sylvia said...

I'm imagining you holding the flipper behind your back as your face flushes. That's funny!

Stacey said...

Tiff that was sooo fun to read. I can just see it now!

Following Him said...

Love your Not Mes. Ok now I need to know...because I am nosey...what did Julia do that made you cry???

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

Radio Music Hall??


Tiff- I just got your card today. I was so excited I love getting christmas cards/poictures and your family is just so perfect!. Thank you for thinking of us. And now I need your address, if you could please e-mail it to me that would be great. Have a good day. Love the post!

Susan said...

Having my own concert in the kitchen and getting caught...that so sounds like something I'd do! However, I'd probably be warming up the Wal-Mart waffles in the microwave...what? Not Me!

Great not-me's.
Have a Merry Christmas!

Ehlan said...

Hee hee-that's great.
I tagged you by the way!!

Lori said...

Too Funny, Tiff. I just made some puppy chow and it was cooling in the garage when I came down to the 'puter and read your puppy chow blog.

Ok, it's it Tuesday yet? Check. Mailman been to your place yet? Ours comes around noon.... C'mon!! Is he there yet?????
-LRA (from MOMs)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness that's hilarious!

And the clipboard is adorable!