Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Little Brother!!

Today is my little brother Derek's birthday! Well, he's not physically my little brother-standing 6'4"-but he is 3 years younger. I love him d.e.a.r.l.y!!!
Throughout the years he has engraved many wonderful and comical memories in my head. Like the day he, my other younger brother, Shane, and I were all standing in the entryway--bombarding my mom with events from our day at school--as she walked in from work. I think we were 6, 8, and 10...give or take a year. Anyways, I was trying to tell my mom about my 4-H rabbit that I found dead, Shane was trying to tell her why he had to stay in from recess, and then there was little Derek who was trying to get a few words in.
"Mom," he said, "Look!" He opened his mouth to show a huge chunk of his front tooth chipped off. We all stopped and looked at him in a disbelief-kind-of-stare.
"What happened?" she said.
Well, he was playing kickball on the tennis courts at school and ran into a pole, leaving part of his tooth behind. But the funny part, the part that explains where most of our humor came from growing up is when he replied with, "It's o.k. mommy, it will grow back."
Little did he wouldn't. It was his permanent tooth. All in all, everything worked out..and we can laugh about it now. Thanks, D, for being the most generous, gratious, thoughtful, joyful, "Uncle D" that you are. We love you so much!