Sunday, November 11, 2007

If I was to be granted 3 wishes....

Today I would wish-

To be able to snap my fingers when I wanted to:

1. unload the dishwasher (However, I don't mind filling it. It's kind of a challenge for me each time I fill it, I like to see if I can organize it so I can fit the most in.)

2. put my make up on and do my hair (Self explanatory)

3. Send out a letter or package to a friend (I think about my friends every day but somewhere between what I'd like to write/send them and a stamped package in the mailbox or at the post gets lost.
What are your 3?


Stacey said...

If I could have 3 wishes:
1. I would wish for a dishwasher! Espeically on the occasion when my family comes down for a weekend visit AND we eat at the house a lot!
2. I would wish for Starbucks in Luverne. I would love it! But it might not be the best idea for the wallet.
3. I would wish to snap my fingers to be at any destination. Like visiting family and friends. That time and travel didn't have to play into it!

Great bloggin Tiff.

Ehlan said...

1. I would also wish for a dishwasher, either mechanical or human!
2. I would wish for a nights sleep without any interruptions.
3. No pain for my teething little one!

Stacey said...

Amen to that NO Pain for my little teether!!!

Stephanie Balvin said...

1. I wish clothes put themselves away!
2. I wish for some scrapbooking time
3. Extra income- not for lavish things, but some for getting little things to decorate or organize life!