Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Rub a dub, dub!

Every Tuesday morning Luke goes to Allison's to play and the girls and I take a shower together. Mitch and I started bringing J and L in the shower with us as soon as they could hold their head up good. It just seems to work well for us that way. I kind of laugh looking back to a period of my life while living in our last town....J was not 2 yet and L was about 3 months old and we would all get in the shower, me holding L in one arm trying to scrub down J, L, and myself with the other. It must have been a much more convenient process than it sounds now since that is how we bathed. So after a few months of bathing the twins one at a time over the kitchen sink I decided it was time to share this family tradition with them. Sure enough, they love it just as much as I remember the older two loving it...kicking, splashing, laughing, and smiling throughout. It's not really any harder, or easier I guess, this time around. Obviously, I can't hold both babies at the same time so they go in infant baths on the floor leaving both arms available to clean all 4 of us. However, there are two of them...so twice as many armpits, ears, and necks to get extra clean. What are some things you have found that works in your house?


Ehlan said...

Funny! I love that you all take showers together! Our little Olivia is not a big shower fun, but she loves to take baths with us! She loves to sit in her bath seat and we fill the tub up (much higher than if it was just her in the tub) and she kicks and splashes. I can't imagine cleaning all the armpits you have to clean! :) or tushies!

Anonymous said...

Time saver options... you do them well honey.Pam