Monday, November 12, 2007

A Stay-at-Home Mom

I like how Jill Savage puts it. "Motherhood is a gift and a season of life to treasure. If you’re a mom, you can stand with dignity, offer no apology for what you do, and say, "I’m a wife and mother. I love my job.""

Jill Savage, author of Professionalizing Motherhood, encourages moms to take pride in their chosen career and share with people that they are in the profession of motherhood. While attending the Hearts at Home conference here in Rochester a couple of months ago, I was refreshed in knowing that this career that Mitch and I have chosen for myself is the perfect place for me right now. Even though some days I feel that I would be much more appreciated in the "professional" workplace, I really do try and cherish each one of my days during this season of my life.

After my weekend with other moms, sitting through great sessions about how to take care of the "Me in Momy"...I was encouraged to rethink my role as a SAHM. I have created a Purpose-Oriented To-Do List for my house. It helps to remind me of the greater impact I have in our house. I hope it does the same for you.

This list reflects not only the tasks that a I as a full-time mom accomplish during the day, but also my reasons for doing them and my long-term goals as a mother.
*Read to Jaclyn, Oli, Geneva & Layla to expand their imagination and comprehension skills.
*Help Luke climb the ladder at the park to develop strong muscles.
*Take Jaclyn & Oliver to the library to expand their knowledge of pumpkins and changing leaves.
*Snuggle with Geneva & Layla to embed a sense of security and love in them.
*Teach Jaclyn how to write her name and use scissors to prepare her for Kindergarten.
*Wash four loads of laundry to take care of my family’s physical needs.
*Prepare breakfast to give my children a nutritional start to the day.
*Clean up the kitchen to take care of the home God has given me.
*Cook dinner to give my family the opportunity to sit, talk and be refreshed.

Rethink what you do and why you do it. The value of being there for our children in simple ways can never be underestimated.


Ehlan said...

Thanks for the positive thoughts! Even though I work about 15 hrs. per week, I am still home more than I am away! I appreciate your positive thinking and perseverance to make your home & family the best it can be!

Anonymous said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing!

Also, amazing that you got two pretty great photos of four very young kids. I "only" have three and I find that very, very challenging. Nice job!

resa said...

love the list thing. i make lists for my work all the time, but never for my 'duties' as a mom. (well besides the daily to-do: i.e. dust, laundry, etc.) thanks for the inspiration. is there more on this idea in her book? i might try to get my hands on it.
love ya-

Tiffany said... Check this out.... It's the table of contents.

And the exerpt

Tara said...

That is a very great way to look at the sometimes tedious things we do on a daily basis. Great attitude check!