Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A blast I might say...

Yesterday was a busy day! The kids and I drove down to spend the day with a friend from college who lives an hour away. They live on the cutest little amish farm that they bought and gutted a couple of summers ago. I feel like I can take a deep breath when we're at her house...their driveway is like a mile long, they have horses, no indoor plumbing. Just kidding about the indoor plumbing, but it is a very peaceful place. She's a friend that I ran cross country with who is now married and has a 2 1/2 year old daughter. The kids had a great time and the mommies did too. We enjoyed catching up, playing with the kids, and sewing my tie-up curtains for my scrapbooking room. She is a great seamstress...and sews the cutest little vintage outfits for her daughter...the kind that should be sold for top dollar. Anyways, here is what the day looked like in a shorter-than-long version.

6am- Alarm went off, showered and ready before twins woke up
6:55-Twins up and bottles fed
7:15-Jaclyn up and breakfast started
7:25-Oliver out of his crib and breakfast
7:45-Jaclyn dressed herself with the clothes I set out for her
7:50-Diapers changed and new outfits on for 3 youngest
8:05-Take diaper bag, fabric, baby toys, pack-n-play, bottles, formula, and purse to car. Start car.
8:20-Get all coats, hats, and mittens out and start bundling Oliver, helping Jaclyn
8:25-Put twins in their carseat under cozy Bundle me.
8:30-Change Oliver's diaper...again!
8:35-Start loading big kids in carseats....and then little kids.
8:45-Pull out of driveway and head to a coffee shop for a free coffee (I'm not saying which shop because it wasn't Starbucks and I don't advertise anything but the best. But, it was free..I had to take advantage of it. And, my Starbucks was 15 min's out of the way round trip.)
10:00-Arrive at "Countryville Lane"
Play, talk, play
Eat, talk, play (How yummy does chili and shredded goat cheese with homemade bread and flax oil sound??)
12:30-Set up Oliver's pack-n-play in the bathroom...put him down for nap.
Twins sleep on master bed.
Jaclyn sleeps in spare bed.
Precious playmate sleeps in her bed.
12:45-3-talk, sew, talk, laugh, talk, sew, iron.
3:00 Big kids up and snacks..then out to the barn to see the horses with playmate's daddy.
4:00-twins up and bottles
4:30-Out the driveway beginning our hour trip home....and to finish talking about "silos, animals that bite, round bales, buffalo, and why Jesus wants us to help others."

A blast I might say! ...and a perfect sunset made with shades of orange, blue, yellow, and pink to top it off.


Stephanie Balvin said...

I love the curtains- can you make me some-just kidding! I do need your address to send you a Christmas card, could you email it to me please!!!

Melanie, Who am I ? said...

Sounds like a great day! I love it down where she lives. I should go see my friend out that way.

Jennifer said...

Wow! Great day! did you get your username (e-mail?) to NOT show up on the top bar of your blog, do you know what I mean? I can't make mine disappear. Any help would be appreciated! Maybe it was YOU who went to bloggie school!

Oh, and glad I re-found you. I was scared for a second!