Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thankful Thursday

1. Eucerin
2. Listening to my husband's calming voice as he gets Oliver out of bed in the morning. (Oli needs some convincing sometimes that even if he has to make a pit stop at the changing table, he'll still get breakfast.)
3. The smell of a baby's breath
4. Inspirational speakers who talk about "How to give your kids more by giving them less"
5. The sound of silence
6. Slippers
7. The glisten of white lights on a Christmas tree at night
8. Little hands. (When is the last time you just looked at your little one's fingers and hands in action? cute!)
9. Orange juice-Country style..the thicker the better
10. Beth Moore.

1 comment:

Stephanie Balvin said...

Great list, I would put many of those on a list I made as well!!!