Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me! Monday in the big city

Not Me!

It kind of reminds me of the phrase I hear when I ask one of our 4under3 participants--mostly the oldest two, since you know, the youngest two really don't talk yet--something like:

"Excuse me. Who did this?" Not Me! Or, "Does anyone know what happened here?" Not Me!

Well, slap me silly because I know these new sheets of adorable scrapbooking paper--that I just bought, hadn't gotten out of the bag yet, and was planning on using this week--didn't shred themselves into pieces.

But we all say it. And so here I go.

Saturday night, as we waited for our friends to meet us at the swanky restaurant that I tweeted about, Mr. Marvelous and I did not belly up to the bar and laugh about how we just pranked our friends into thinking that the reservations they had booked for us weeks ago were nowhere to be found in said super packed restaurant.

And, after we dined on grouper, steaks, asparagus, and famous hashbrowns we did not take a walk through the park to the NHL arena where we'd eventually scream our little lungs out. I did not stop to strike a pose with my friend Abby, imagining we were big city girls just livin' the life. (Doesn't she look sweet! And, would you believe me if I told you that she and her husband have 9 children?)

No. I wouldn't believe me either. No really. Don't believe me.

Then, as Abs and I walked to our seats for the first time--our hubbies lost us in the bathroom line and ended up in their seats before us--we did not giggle at the sight of these two snuggle bunnies who did a wonderful job exhibiting both endearment, and roaring manly qualities simultaneously throughout the game.

And when the scoreboard said we lost at the end of the game, being the dedicated, encouraging fans that we are, we did not jump up and hustle back through a Sleepless in Seattle'ish type park to the said swanky restaurant for the dessert reservations we had. You know, the desserts of pies and ice creams that did not taste like heaven in our mouths.
Nope. Nosiree!

So, belly up Not Me'ers. Let's hear all about your favorite Not Me! Then, head over to MckMama's--the Ringmaster--to read some more.


Following Him said...

Glad you guys had LOTS of fun! Love the pict of Mr. Marvelous and his friend male bonding by the ice...hysterical!

Aimee' said...

Are those the much talked about furry boots?! Very cute!! Too bad I could never pull that look off for several being that I live in Texas and two...I'm not even 5' tall so my legs are so super short that I would look stumpy because the boots would probably go to my knees. Not the look they are intended to give, right? ha ha ha =)

Stephanie said...

That sounds like an incredibly fun night!

t h a i t r a i t said...

Lovely weekend you had!

Someday we need to strike a pose in this city or that city. Wouldn't that be so much fun?

gina said...

What a winter wonderland of fun. Love your creative pictures! :)

Now, I'm confused does she or doesn't she?

Candace Jean July 16 said...

What an evening! Swanky and hockey all in one night - does life get any more oxymoronic? But yes, you do look like big city gals.

Following your tweets and waiting for the latest soup recipe!

amanda said...

sounds like you guys had tons of fun. it is so nice to get out with another adult couple too i bet. :0)

Pam said...

oh, the best is the two cuddly hubbies! I would not have laughed at that, not even once!!