Sunday, January 25, 2009

Not Me! Monday with Jose and Joe

No way, Jose! It's Monday already?

Oh, I love to love to love being honest with myself, and the rest of MckMama's Not Me! Monday world. It's fun and venturesome all wrapped up in one. Mmm! Like one of those Cherry Truffles I keep tweeting about. One part playful cherry, one part devious chocolate. (Ok. Fine. Many parts devious chocolate.)

So, here we go, Joe!

I did not hesitate a bit before posting this most recent video of my narration that was intended to show a normal afternoon during which I get the twins up from naps. After reviewing it, it did not seem as though my voice had a similar resemblance to that of a clamorous pigeon. And, I did not wonder if my IRL friends would agree? And even if you now envision me to be the clamorous pigeon type, I would never think to film another video of me talking in my rollicking dove voice instead. There'd be no need to set you all straight on the matter. Na ah! Nope.

And while in church this morning--as we were preparing to listen to our pastor's message--I did not spill my Caramel Macchiato on Mr. Marvelous' khaki pants. And if I did--which I didn't--it would have certainly been caused by sheer misfortune, and not the lackadaisical hold I had on my new red and cream pinched felted flower coffee sleeve that: I'm completely in love with, I was gazing at with googly ingenious design eyes, and I want to lick because it's so pretty. No! I told you. Coffee sleeves like these do nothing for me. Nothing.

And after the following conversation with our 2 year old son, I did not want to have 10 of him, 2 years apart, for the next 20 years, just so that I'd always have a piece of the adorable--and sometimes completely misunderstandable--little language that he's got going on right now.


"Yes, Lukers?" I squatted down to his little boy level and looked him straight in the eyes.

"Mommy, ader me obver in Lauren teeder dust an shoes ader meet. An me olding Lauren's shoes obver wen. Right?"

"Hmm. Let's see." I paused to think, and tried to process what in the world just came out of that cute little mouth of his. Then, I followed with, "What did you just say, honey?"

Obviously, I was the one who he thought was not paying attention. And with an irritated tone he said to me,

"Ah. Mommy! I just toad you."

Oh, Ok! Then yes. Yep. Go right ahead buddy!"

End of questionable conversation.


Jenna said...


Staci said...

I have seriously been craving a caramel macchiato all day and have been a good girl even though I had to pass by Starbucks 4 times today! Now I read your blog and it starts me thinking about it all over again :) I too have had many conversations with my little ones where I couldn't understand a thing and said okay anyway. I tried not to think about what I said okay too and just kept an ear out for spills, crashes, breaks, etc... :) Great Not Me's. happy Monday!

amanda said...

love the convo. i have them all the time with our two year old.

Lorie said...

I'm in stitches....loved the conversation with Luke and the video. I don't think you sounded like a pigeon at all, but you definitely didn't sound like the talk I'm use to....ya'll know what I'm talkin' about....we're fixin' to go eat some supper!

Following Him said...

Spilling drinks on the hubby, translating conversations, and loving rock my socks off! Love your NMM!!!

Jane Anne said...

I want a caramel machiatto RIGHT NOW. What a tragedy- that spill!

I love the cute conversation with your son. That kind of thing makes all of the bad days worth it.

Great list!

Check out my Not Me! Monday Post

Two Sisters, Two Brothers... One Very Busy Mother said...

You gave me some good laughs here today. Got a kick out of the Luke language -you need to hire an interpreter- and the starbucks tidbit was too much! Oh and I am starstruck that a blogging celeb. as yourself visited my little blog.

t h a i t r a i t said...

Have I mentioned that I loved hearing your sweet birdie voice?

I loved hearing your sweet birdie voice.


And, one time, long after band camp was over, Tom and I (then friends...well one of us was madly in love with the other one...and if you know our story, you'll know who was who) had a movie marathon and watched four movies in a row, and the only way I stayed awake was by having caramel macchiato pulsing through my intestines and veins.

Lynnette Kraft said...

I thought I'd pop over and read your Not Me post. It's nice to meet you today. :)

I wanted to invite you to join me for Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane. Details are on my blog:
We'd love to have you join us!

Have a blessed week!
PS At least Caramel Macciato's smell good! :) He couldn't complain too much. hee hee

Jenn said...

That coffee sleeve is just too cute! Too bad I don't drink coffee, or else I'd be getting one for myself.

Juls said...

OOOH...I do not SOO miss conversations like that with my little ones.. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

~*Michelle*~ said...

OK, I am seriously considering a tutorial in coffee indulges from you.

I thought I was being adventurous and ultra hip this weekend when I used my 99cent coupon for an iced lattee. I cannot even attempt to pronounce the creations you speak of, let alone be able to crave them.

Please enlighten the coffee junkie who clearly lives under a rock (well living in the hillbilly sticks doesn't help with the lack of cool culture either)


Queen to my 3 Boys said...

Okay, I'll be honest. I came over here to comment upon reading about the chocolate.

Love chocolate...the only thing worth hiding from your husband.

I'll go back and read the rest of your post now. Have a great day!

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

Okay, I'm back.

First, your poor Caramel Macchiato - what a waste. Oh ya...and poor Mr. Marvelous' pants - yay for Tide pens. Oh ya...and poor Mr. Marvelous.

I have a 2-year-old too and you're right - you've gotta love those conversations! We're going to miss these moments, you know. Ah, I'm in it and I miss it already.

Kristin said...

Tiff - I definitely do not think you resemble a pigeon. But you do resemble someone to you ever watch Jon and Kate Plus 8? You remind me of a kinder, gentler Kate. And that toddler language you wrote was total perfection.