Monday, January 5, 2009

Twittered Pictures

Mr. Marvelous would like a moment on the mic. He's hoping that you all remember that even though the Vikings lost, they're still number one in our hearts.

Poor guy. To be so emotionally attached like that.

I--on the other hand--hope you all enjoyed my tweets at 'cha today. I'm serious when I say that I send them hoping you'll all take them like I'm telling each and everyone of you to your faces. (Only with a few less words, and a more mellow dramatic tone.)

And here. How about I slip a few pictures on your screen to bring even more life to my tweetering. Do any of these pictures look pairable to today's tweets?

Tweet ya later. Tomorrow is our last day to blow kisses to this fabulous sun and wiggle sand between our toes. We'll see what we find to pack in before we pack our bags.


lori said...

fun fun fun!
if ya don't mind, i will not be returning in your trunk...i just want to stay here!
tweet ya later!

Candace Jean July 16 said...

darling pics - but you could always try twitpic and save yourself some blog time....but we know you love us and can't leave us alone, even on vacay :) Have fun!

t h a i t r a i t said...

I AM GOING TO CRY! This is so beautiful! What a lovely couple, lovely family, lovely daughter, and how sweet is it that you were able to take Juj to the beach and have "together time" with your eldest? I LOVE THIS! I AM YELLING!

Someday, after 2017, when we have four kids in 2 years and 8 months, we will take our eldest daughter on a vacation all by herself. Except her name will be Abernathy Tamsin Rue Sophia Odessa Greer Radley.

And, my snowflake sock is okay. Thank you for your concern. My squished grommets...on the other hand...

Following Him said...

Glad you guys are having fun. Mr. M is wrapped around Julia's is so sweet! Have a great last day!!!

Lori said...

She is the cutest thing!

Do a toe-wiggle in the sand for me..

Kristen said...

Ok, so I am now officially jealous of the fabulous time you are having!!

It is snowing here.............again. I am thinking a Phoenix vacation needs to be put on the list here soon!

Faith Hope Love Mama said...

The Vikings stink and my hubby is heart broken also. Sorry that they put themselves through it.

Your mini family pic is adorable. Definately needs a frame on that one. Enjoy your last day. Bring some warm weather back with you. I woke to negative 5 this a.m. Brrr.

Lisa H said...

Hope you have fun on your last day!

I love Julia's fruity-cutie dress! I remember you making that a while back and it is just adorable!

Great pictures too. I can almost feel the sunshine! :)

Aimee' said...

I love the pictures!! They match your Tweets perfect! =) Enjoy your last day!

Karyn said...

Please be sure to pack some warmth and sunshine and being it home with you!

We have vacationed in Naples many time and love it.If you are looking for something fun to do on your last day, go to the "Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens"'s a fun place and J is the perfect age to enjoy it!! Plan for several hours to get thru it. Safe travels home!

Lori said...

Love it, love it. I'm so jealous! This afternoon they JUST finished our siding (still from tornado damage). ~Whew~ I think that's all the reconstruction... for now. I was watching them through the window trying to manage siding and materials over the ice-glazed snowcover and looking at your vacation pics. I could almost SMELL the salt water air!!!
P.S. I'm still in love with J's pear dress.