Monday, February 25, 2008

8 Months Old

How time flies! In just 8 months we went from this:

and this:

to this:

then this:

now this:


Amy said...

Omigosh, look at them in their July 4th outfits! And their little tiny twin baby piggy toes.

I could eat them in one bite.

AMANDA said...

Your children are beautiful! Happy 8 months, girls!

Anonymous said...

You looked SPECTACULAR pregnant with twins. Wowsers. And the girlies when from cute, to cute, to too CUTE! Happy 8

Leslie said...

I was thinking about you today. I can't believe you carried your twins for 37 weeks (I think) with 2 other kids. How on earth did you do it? I'm starting to get a bit anxious about the whole thing. I'll be posting this week about it! stay tuned.

Leslie said...

And I so wish I could get the boys to eat avocados. I literally try every stinkin week.
Any good veggie recipes? I know they aren't eating enough.

Leslie said...

3rd time's a charm - your girls are beautiful!! I'm pretty sure I can tell the difference. Are YOU sure they are identical? :)

Ehlan said...

THey are beautiful.
And that is quite the belly; I'm impressed! :)
Also, what are the clipboards and mod podge for? :)

Angela said...

Look at them.... oh don't you just want to freeze time???

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiffany,
Somehow my cousin Nikki was linked to someone who knew someone who knew you- I like to surf blogs. It is nice to know that we can be so connected in the body of Christ. Thank you blogspot!

But I love your family. I sometimes pray that i will have twins for my next pregnancy. I love kids- but my pregnacys are difficult. I get sick for about 6 months- really sick. So who wouldn't want 2 for one in my case? But i bet it is tiring!

I love the worship music on your blog too. Very nice touch to read and listen at the same time.

Thanks for your comments on my kids. I am biased but I agree they are cuties! I love anything stripy or out of the ordinary for Bella. She has a few leg warmers too and I love her wearing them!

We are planning on going to Brazil indefinetly. Our desire is to open up a edgy coffee shop/english school as an evangelism tool. We are waiting on approval from the mission right now, but things are slow. My husband is Brazillian ( his parents are american missionaries) and we feel a great burden for the young families there. Our first step may be a field survey. Our goal is to leave in July - but that may be pushed farther back as our plans become more defined.

Anyways. Nice to meet you too!
You can be sure I will be a reg visitor from now on!

Bless you

Stacey said...

I totally remember the prego boat picture! I love it. You look great and you sure had a BUMP! Time sure flies.

Amanda said...

OH-MY-GOODNESS! First of all, you carried your little girls fabulously. Seriously, you were all belly and I LOVE it! Secondly, I can't get over the pictures of the girls in their 4th of July outfits. So sweet, so peaceful. It's amazing how much they've changed in 8 months. Does it make you sad? Looking back? Things are probably just getting easier for you, so I'm sure you're sad in ways, but relieved, as well.

Happy 8 months, you adorable little ladies!

Rachel said...

My mouth is still hanging open at the boat picture. So impressive! And so beautiful. Oh your girls are dolls!!

Steph G said...

oh the progression is great! amazing this thing we call life! or birth!

Anonymous said...

Amazing, 20 yrs ago your spiritual ears heard, "someday you'll have twins" Here they are so precious. Children are truelly gifts from God!